Monday, June 8, 2009

Famous Black Jack Player

Ken Uston , a famous blackjack player of 1970's to 1980's. He mastered and perfect concepts of card counting teamplay. He is a mathematical genius who won important legal victories for blackjack players.

Ken was born in New York, he was the oldest of three children to Elsie Lubitz, a native of Austria, and Senzo Usui, a Japanese immigrant and businessman. Uston became fascinated by blackjack and its inherent strategies after meeting professional gambler Al Francesco in a poker game.

After a while Uston quit on his day job and became a member of Al Francesco's team. The concept of the team is top worked like this: "counters" placed small bets at the blackjack tables in the casino. If they keep track of the cards that had been dealt, and use mathematical systems such as the Reverse System and the Hi Opt I System, they were able to determine when the odds of the game had moved in their favor. That is the time they can signal the "big players" on the team, who would come to the table and place big bets and win big money.

In 1976 Ken build his own team where cathy Hulbert is also a team member. His team woin millions of dollars at the blackjack tables. Because of this Ken's team was soon barred from playing black jack at casinos. Like his team Ustons also disguise in order to continue to play blackjack. Uston became almost as well known as a genius of disguise as he was as a genius of blackjack.

Ken Uston Wrote several books on his blackjack techniques and strategies(including The Big Player, Million Dollar Blackjack and Ken Uston on Blackjack.)

In 1987 at the age of 52, ken found in his rented apartment in Paris, France because of heart failure.


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